Professional services

Special worldwide trading company, Professional in import & export services, Consultant administrative services and more ...

  • International trading in many fields according to our plan.
  • Provide very high quality services in many fields for our various customers.
  • Open minded for our customers needs according to their requests.
Glory GROUP                                                      

Welcome to our Group's website.

It's a well pleasure to see you visit our official website and we wish you may find what you are looking for, Our aim always is satisfaction of our respectful customers ..

GLORY Group is a very ambitious organization, always looking for the superiority by dealing in several fields of business. We Have the youth soul and the wise of elders and it's really powerful business we manage while we have these both specialties.

GLORY Group deals in several services and fields such as furnishing, roofing,vegetables,salt,sugar, sawdust, veneers, constructions and even more ..

You may take a look at our website contents to discover more about our powerful company and you may just contact us even if you didn't find what you are looking for here because you will never know how many fields our company is handling.

We wish you a nice tour in our website and looking forward to hear from you soon.


International Trading

GLORY is one of the best companies which deal in Import & Export field in Egypt. we have unique manner according to the latest scientific methods in management and international trading rules. looking for superiority not just success.

Administrative Consultancy

Because of we are distinguished in administration field we decided to serve our country by helping the other companies which are looking to improve its abilities to build stable administrative systems suit the company's situation and gives the needed advices.

Multi Services

Beside our usual services we are offering special services for the beginner or the small investors to invest with us to put him on the right way and help him in administration and marketing in any field he wants till become more stronger.