A brief about our Group

   GLORY Group is a very ambitious organization who is aiming to develop the business through many activities

and improving the trade especially the international trade and has the abilities to do that because of the positive thinking, excellent administration and management it has by the existence of elite basic experts in many fields which support the company's business development idea to achieve the goals. These fields are Management, Finance, Marketing, Law and Governing, and Information Technology.

   GLORY Group has been established mainly to use and gain benefits from its experiences fields by enhancing its strong points and advantages and to avoid its weak points with treating the disadvantages all of that by adoption of the real business concept which is trading, because we have more than 18 years of experience in production and trading so, it's the time for entering the international trade to enlarge our business through our excellent reputation as one of the greatest business organization especially in our city then our country EGYPT.

Professional services

Special worldwide trading company, Professional in import & export services, Consultant administrative services and more ...

  • International trading in many fields according to our plan.
  • Provide very high quality services in many fields for our various customers.
  • Open minded for our customers needs according to their requests.
Glory GROUP                                                    
   GLORY Group deals in many fields of business specially the International trading business import and export in addition to more services in administrative and financial consulting, legal consulting and real estate investment and marketing .. all of that managed by powerful team manage all of these services in a professional way to provide the best services for our respectable customers.
rom all the previous mentioned it's clear that our main activity is trading especially the International trading with all related services like the following:

-          Sourcing services for the foreign customers outside Egypt about anything needed from Egypt in any field like the agricultural crops, wooden furniture, cloths, electric appliances, sanitary ware…etc, because we have strong relations with all kinds of business here in Egypt through our experts and consultants.

-          Export of all the above mentioned goods from Egypt to any country around the world under good terms and conditions which guarantee the rights both parties, our company and our customers.

-          Import some goods when needed in our local market in Egypt.

-          Executing and contracting the deals after sourcing.

-          Establishing a complete administrative systems (HR and Financial) for firms and corporations with its full documentary circulation through designing the needed forms according to the activities.

-          Providing legal consulting services based on the Egyptian law and commercial legal consulting according to the International trading law.


International Trading

GLORY is one of the best companies which deal in Import & Export field in Egypt. we have unique manner according to the latest scientific methods in management and international trading rules. looking for superiority not just success.

Administrative Consultancy

Because of we are distinguished in administration field we decided to serve our country by helping the other companies which are looking to improve its abilities to build stable administrative systems suit the company's situation and gives the needed advices.

Multi Services

Beside our usual services we are offering special services for the beginner or the small investors to invest with us to put him on the right way and help him in administration and marketing in any field he wants till become more stronger.